About us

Shenzhen Hasai technology co., ltd. original company was founded in 2005, has been to science and technology of flow for the idea. As a professional fluid solutions provider, we are committed to providing one-stop, multi-level services. At present, we have two products department for business. They are materials department and robot department.

Materials department's Mixer machine are used to removal of bubbles and uniform mixing for all kinds of adhesive and polymer materials. In the field of fluid mixing, we elaborate manufacture of the planetary defoaming mixer, centrifuge, planetary vacuum mixer, solder paste mixer, vacuum defoaming machine, syringe defoaming mixer and other kinds of mixer for the fluid materials, up to now, we have been provided with single cup, double cup, normal pressure, vacuum, syringes and various models mixer machine, they could meet kinds of needs for all customer.

Robot department’s auto soldering machine, auto dispensing machine and auto lock screw machine could improving to different needs of user. Our auto robot not only promoting the quality of products but also could help reduce factory dependence on staff. Automation dispensing, soldering machine and the lock screw machine were has been highly applied to aviation electronics, automotive electronics and microelectronics, etc.

Our Company is the manufacture of the automation equipments, we are always improving our design and patterns to confirm to the world market according to the customer requirement, and then a large number of production. If you are interested in it, please do not hesitate to ask for quotations to us, which will receive our careful attention, and we assure you of our close cooperation at all times.

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