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HASAI MIXER is mainly used for mixing and Removing bubble of high, sophisticated and fine products in LED, LCD, medical equipment, electronic components, nano-powder materials, fine chemical materials, printed electronic materials, electronic packaging materials and new energy materials. In addition to tiny bubbles, such as phosphors, silica gel, silver paste, aluminum paste, adhesives, inks, silver nanoparticles, silver nanowires, LED/OLED/SMD/COB conductive silver paste, insulating adhesives, RFID printed conductive inks and Anisotropic conductive adhesive ACP, conductive paste for thin film solar cells, conductive ink for PCB/FPC, silicon oxide, lubricating paste raw materials, epoxy resin materials, ceramic materials, etc., from liquid to solid, liquid to liquid,  solid to solid ,The substances can be mixed and Removing bubble by HASAI MIXER .

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